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I have given many slide shows to photography groups, Audubon society meetings and other functions. 

I use a photographic quality Canon Realis WUX10 projector (1900 x 1200 resolution) along with a quality sound system (Samson Expedition Portable PA system XP800), to produce a photographic slide show coordinated to musical themes or to give educational presentations.

Available shows:



        My best show!  A exciting presentation of wildlife from all across the world set to an inspirational and uplifting musical theme. It includes travels throughout North America including Alaska, Central and South America, the Galapagos Islands and the Falkland Islands, Iceland,  the Arctic, Antarctica, Brazil’s Pantanal, Japan, China and 7 countries in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa). 


        My latest presentation. A 50 minute show taking us on safari to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia,  Zambia and Botswana.  Set to an exciting musical theme.


        PHOTOSHOP:  Remove distracting objects with content-aware fill, motion blur filter to blur background, sketch effects, remove color cast, text effects, enhance the eyes, sharpen with high-pass filter or with edge sharpen, blue sky for birds on overcast day, scripted patterns for trees, frames and flames, apply image command to blend 2 images together, replace sky with Blend If command

        LIGHTROOM:  Basics for creation of the optimal image, conversion to B&W, synchronize adjustments to other photos, match exposures for multiple images exposed differently, Luminar plug-in, optimizing night photos, evaluation images, panning and zooming in LR,

Pick flags, Star ratings and Color ratings, adding keywords, finding images

           Everyone attending will receive a printout of how to do all the techniques.



        A Keynote presentation along with an actual demonstration of equipment.

        Right equipment to use (cameras, lenses, tripod & beanbag, filters, laptop), carrying equipment on plane and in the field, clothing protection, photographic tips in the field*, downloading images from memory cards, redundancy in all equipment, where to go and who to go with.

    *tips include shooting RAW, back button AF, manual or aperture priority, 3 exposure variables of aperture/shutter speed/ISO, quality of light, composition, wind direction, flash fill and much more...


From a wildlife photographer who has traveled the world - Alaska, the Arctic, Antarctica, Iceland, South America, Japan and China, and I recently completed my 12th trip to Africa.  There are some challenges to this type of travel, but they can be easily overcome to enable a safe, comfortable and photographically productive trip.   

Who to travel with

Prepare for the trip - passports, visas, clothing, power plug adapters

Prepare photo gear for the trip

Murphy’s Law: equipment breaks.  Redundancy in all photo gear.

Strategy to never forget to bring everything you need

Preventative health issues for international travel

How to carry all that photo gear on the plane - then convert for field carrying

Alternatives to heavy photo gear - lighter weight equipment that does the job

Heavy tripod and gimbal head vs. lighter tripods and heads, monopod and beanbags

Advantages of lighter weight zoom lenses and prime lenses over the traditional heavy glass of the big telephoto lenses

How to stay warm in extremely cold weather and cool in extremely hot weather

How to deal with pesky insects

  1.    Photographic tips for wildlife photography

  2.    How to manage digital images while traveling - backup and editing tools and tricks