Adobe Creative Cloud:   Photoshop and Lightroom

    Alan Murphy:   Leader and instructor for bird photography workshops.

    Allen’s Camera:   Incredible camera store - integrity, service, prices.  No one does it better.

    Apple Computer:   No more PC’s for me!  Apple is my new best friend.  MacPro, iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPad

    AquaTech:    Unique photographic accessories and clothing.

    Arcteryx:   Outdoor clothing.  Handsome, extremely rugged.  My favorite.

    Arthur Morris:   Bird photography is art.  Instructional photo tours and online store.

    Black Rapid:   Shoulder strap/sling for carrying camera at side/around back.   Internet site for creating quality photo books.

    Bugshirt Company:   The most effective protective clothing against mosquitoes and other bugs.

    Cabela’s:   Outdoor gear of all types.

    Canada Goose:   The warmest jackets on the planet.

    Carbon Copy Cloner:   Best backup software for Mac

    DeoxIT:   DeoxIT Gold Wipes for cleaning camera and lens  and battery contacts.   Review site for digital photo gear.

    Eagle Creek:   Luggage, carry-ons, pack-it systems.

    Epson:   Great printers including the large format 9890

    EZ Stretch:   A canvas stretcher that makes it so much easier to stretch large photos printed on canvas.

    Fenix:   LED flashlights

    FotoMagico:   A great tool for creating slideshows on the Mac.

    Gitzo:   Carbon Fiber Tripods.

   Google Image Search:   Reverse image search engine. Is anyone using your images?

    Greg Basco:  for the best photo workshops in Costa Rica and Ecuador.

    Heat 3 Smart Gloves: The ultimate cold weather shooting gloves.

    Hoodman:   CF memory cards and reader, loupes for camera LCD including Cinema Kit Pro for videos.

    HyperShop:   HyperDrive in the field photo downloading / HyperMac battery packs for MacBooks, iPad & iPhone.

    Julieanne Kost:   Great tutorials for Photoshop and Lightroom

    Kelby One:   Extensive educational video collection for photographers

    Kirk Enterprises:   Lenspen, accessories.

    Kinesis:   Bean bags, camera belt systems and pouches.

    Lens Clens:   Lens cleaning solution.

    LensCoat:   Camera and lens covers, raincoats, Better Beamer pouches, lens caps for large lenses, etc.

    Lenspen:  SensorKlear II and SensorKlear Loupe for camera sensor cleaning.

    Lowepro:   For the Flipside Sport backpack series, 10L or 15L

    Magellan’s:   Travel gear.  Electrical adaptor plugs for foreign travel. 

    McDonald Photo:   Joe & MaryAnn are an unbeatable team for tours (especially to Africa) and workshops.

    Macphun:   Great stand alone or plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop for enhanced image editing.

    Microtools:   Small high quality screwdriver sets, fine tweezers, sensor cleaning supplies, etc.

    MyTag: Indestructable tag with your name(or other information) on it with contact information inside the tag.

                            Don’t use the small ring supplied to attach because it can break.  Use a caribiner to attach to bag.

    NatureScapes:  Photography equipment, news and articles.  Photo tours.

    NECCC:   New England Camera Club Council - every July, the best 3 day weekend photo conference.

    Nikon USA:   Nikon cameras and lenses.

    Outdoor Photo Gear:   Store for outdoor photographic equipment.

    PFLI:   The entry to Long Island’s camera club network.

    Phlearn:   Great photoshop tutorials by Aaron Nace

    Photo Mechanic:   Great for downloading, reviewing and editing photos

    Photodex:   ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer - great for creating photo shows if you are still using a PC.

    Photographer’s Ephemeris:   App for location, direction and rising time of sun and moon.

    Photography Life:   For Sensor Gel Stick - the best way to clean DSLR sensor

    PhotoRescue:   Data recovery from compact flash cards.

    Ralph Paonessa:   Small group workshops to Falkland Islands, Costa Rica & Ecuador Hummingbirds, etc.

    Really Right Stuff:   Tripods, ball heads, quick release mounting plates and much more.

    REI:   Outdoor equipment and clothing.

    Singh-Ray:   The best filters on the planet.  Variable neutral density filter.  Gold-N-Blue polarizer.

    Shoot the Light:   Chas Glatzer offers the best instructional workshops to exotic locations.

    Sky Guide:   Determine location of Milky Way at any place and time.

    Squiver:   Beautiful wildlife photos and videos, really unique. Sensational photo tours with Marsel and Daniella.

    Steve Perry:   Great site for instruction on wildlife photography and use of photographic equipment.

    The Missing Manual:  “Switching to the Mac”   “Mac OS X Lion”   Great books for PC user to Mac.

    Think Tank:   The best camera bags.  Airport rollers are a must.  Belt systems.

    Tilley:  The Rolls-Royce of hats for great sun protection.

    Tim Grey:   Digital imaging expert.  Pixology publication, photoshop and lightroom courses and daily eNewsletter.

    TinEye:  Reverse image search engine.  Where does an image come from?  Is anyone using your images?

    UniqBall:  combination ballhead, gimbal head and pan&tilt head

    Vertex Photographic:  Big lens bag by John Stanford.  Specially designed for use in safari vehicles. Shoulder

                       straps for field use. Holds camera with 600mm + lens hood extended + teleconverters.

    Vested Interest:  Terrific bean bags, photo vests.

    Visible Dust:   Equipment for DSLR sensor cleaning.

    We Transfer:   Transfer large files over the internet

    Wimberley:   Gimbal tripod head and accessories.  The best support for long lenses.

   XUME: Quick release adapters to quickly swap UV filter with polarizing or neutral density filter

    5.11 Tactical Pants:   Incredibly durable, rugged, comfortable cotton canvas pants with 7 great pockets and great

                       looks.  The only pants I wear in the field.  I have some that are 15 years old and still look like new.